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ALL NEW DESIGN No matter how you slice it, your lab is facing challenging new quality standards. Many companies are working on their ISO 9000 certification. If easily acquiring, analyzing, manipulating, and archiving is in your future, you'll want a Reel-Tex KLM Machine. This machine offers remarkable performance at an affordable price. Easy programming, simple operation and low maintenance and your company has retainable knowledge

The KLM-IV is a top of the line Knitting Laboratory Machine

KLM-IV Electronic Striping Machine
  1. 3 1/2 inch diameter cylinder.
  2. Programmable variable speed (0. R.P.M. to 350 R.P.M.)
  3. Revolution counter...Fabric Length programmed for each strip
  4. Yarn Stand for 5 cones or pirns (Non Entangled Design)
  5. DC motor and gear drive system
  6. Easy Stitch adjuster (Preprogrammed in system)
  7. 5 Finger yarn feed
  8. Pneumatic yarn feed changer
  9. Fabric storage container (for relaxing stress in fabric while running)
  10. Automatic Oiler
  11. Electronic tension controlled yarn feeders MEMMINGER-IRO electronic improves quality and production.
  12. 5 Finger striping system, computer controlled.
  13. Fabric roll-up reel unit
    f.o.b. Gastonia N.C. USA
    Option: Fabric roll-up reel
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