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REEL-TEX, INC. is a specialty Engineering and Machine Design Company. We specialize in the following:

Repair - Original machine parts.
Manufacture New - Replacement parts (Sample or Drawing)
Rebuild - Module units and machines
Used Equipment

Reel-Tex, Inc. Reel-Tex, Inc. has both design and manufacturing capabilities. Its market is closely related to the textile industry because of its location. Gastonia and Charlotte of North Carolina are in the heart of the Textile Parts manufacturing area of the U.S.A.

Our company is always aware of the other companies that have used textile machines for sell on consignment. Just let us know the type or category you need.

A large portion of Reel-Tex's business is parts replacement manufacturer and repair work for the Fiber Preparation Control area of the Textile Manufactures. We will manufacture parts or assembles by either drawings or sample.

  1. Manufacturer of Beaters, and Rolls
  2. Shafts, Pin Doffers and Pin Bars
  3. Conveyer Drive Systems, Sheaves, and Pulleys
  4. Special Assemblies (manufactured and assembled)
  5. Pharmaceutical Machinery Parts, (close tolerance)