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Reel-Tex KLM-II
Reel-Tex Laboratory KLM-II
Electronic Machine
  1. 3 1/2 inch diameter cylinder.
  2. Programmable variable speed (0. R.P.M. to 350 R.P.M.)
  3. Revolution counter...Fabric Length programmed
  4. Yarn Stand for 4 cones or pirns.
  5. DC motor and gear drive system
  6. Easy Stitch adjuster recorder
  7. 2 Finger yarn feed
  8. Pneumatic yarn feed changer
  9. Fabric storage container (for relaxing stress in fabric while running)
  10. Automatic Oiler
  11. Elctronic tension controlled yarn feeders MEMMINGER-IRO electronic improves quality and prodcution.
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